I am finding it difficult to blog about such things as the new cellphone or piece of technology on the block, or which politician has screwed up the most, especially by today, at the end of the week.  Which is not to say that I don’t blog about all those things and more, I do, in fact that’s pretty much the majority of what I do.  But, difficult it is.  Difficult it is when the world is spinning and you’re in for the ride, whether you like it or not.

Summers are hot down here in Southern California, energy bills are high, gas prices are high, food prices are high, and work is ever more prevalent (for some reason that seems to be the case, and here I was thinking I was on summer vacation).  And then there are the little things.


I’ve come home for summer, home being Southern California, school being somewhere else.  When Fall comes around I don’t know which university I’ll be attending or where (I’m in the process of transferring) so that’s always stressful, figuring out such.  I planned getting MBA degree but I’m sick of student loans, cheap MBA website that I just found might have some answers. MBA degree is a thing I have always dreamed of. But now that I’ve come home from three years in the Northern part of California, there’s a lot of stuff one has to think about, right school is one of them.  Read more

I’ve reviewed most of these. Feel free to check out my Book Reviews category.

Payback Time

When I was contacted to review Phil Town’s latest book, Payback Time, I was thrilled. I read his first book,Rule #1, and when I used the principles he outlined, I actually made quite a lot of money investing in individual stocks.

In the past year, I’ve done more investing along the lines of How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street and have made a lot of money there as well. But I’m currently in the process of selecting some businesses to investigate.

The book’s major premises:

  • Price and value are not always in sync. Having worked as a commodities buyer for several years, I can readily testify to this.
  • Mutual fund managers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
  • Once you determine a business’ value, if its stock goes on sale, buy more. Town calls this “stockpiling” (essentially, it is a buy low and sell high strategy which so many people know, but fail to do).
  • Invest only in businesses you actually understand. Really. If you don’t have a genuine understanding of the business, or at least a deep interest, don’t invest.
  • Make sure that business has a strong competitive advantage.
  • Investigate the management like you own the company … as a stockholder, you do.

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If you are planning to start an online business, then you should be good at sales. Darn good that is.

There are mixed feeling for people when it comes to selling in general. Some people feel that the profession of selling and marketing is a very rewarding career. It is to be noted that for different people, rewards mean different things. To you, a reward might be monetary and to some others the rewards might be emotional benefits. For me this is a very exciting profession to be in and rewards me both emotionally and financially.

There are people who find it very hectic also. They find the job of selling and marketing to be very depressing especially when they don’t meet their deadlines or targets. These people find the job to be very frustrating as they can’t enjoy what they are doing. I do not condemn these people. Maybe selling is not their cup of tea.


After all, not everyone can stick with their day job and not everyone can be entrepreneurs. Read more

The Presidents of some of the nation’s most prestigious Colleges and universities have signed a petition put out by the Amethyst Initiative, which is sponsored by Citizens for Responsible Drinking Choices, which is run by far-left liberals out of Middlebury College, in Vermont, who, no doubt, would like to see us back to the Greco-Roman days where we can all frolic through the streets naked singing poems back and forth (am I done? I think so, but to remind you of where we started… a petition) that calls for a national debate on lowering the drinking age to 18.

No, the Presidents of some of the nation’s most prestigious Colleges didn’t sign a petition that calls for a national debate on lowering marijuana use, so Mexican drug lords can stop kidnapping, beheading, and assassinating random and sometimes not so random Mexican citizens. People think it’s all fine and dandy, “smoking pot doesn’t harm anybody,” well sure if your pot just happens to be grown by the Rednecks or adventurous illegal immigrants out back, but whether the pot is grown out back or in Mexico the money still travels to the same murderous drug lords. But the College presidents couldn’t be bothered to sign that petition. Read more

Leonard David of LiveScience.com seems to be on the uppity regarding some “buzz” about what’s going on off-world, namely on the world of Mars.  He reports that the buzz is related to some “provocative new news” regarding life on the planet.  Provocative enough to warrant alerting the White House to new evidence for the “potential for life,” as reported by Craig Covault AW&ST, and noted by David.

The potential for the life definition that is floating around the various mission control and analysis centers seems to be two-fold.

  • Are the basic building blocks of life existent, in a usable capacity, by some known organisms operating is such similar harsh conditions on Earth?

– Or –

  • Can we simply skip the building blocks all together and provide evidence that life did exist or does exist on Mars? The former being through fossilized remains or certain life proving signatures in the experiments.

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Apparently there isn’t enough food to go around and about 100,000,000 (that’s 100 million) people will go into the poverty/starving category of humanity in the following months/year on top of an already 1 billion to 1.5 billion who are already in that category.  Of course that’s what the UN is telling us and they couldn’t count any number of “things” if they tried really hard.  We can assume that at least 50 million more people are going into the impoverished category, where they won’t be able to afford gas and foods as there is no doubt, even by the UN’s always outlandish estimates, a consensus on the fact that these two staples of life are increasing in price, in some places by as much as 25%, without inflation which in America is at 4%.

CNN seems to be reminding me every day that there is worldwide turmoil and there are riots around every nationalistic corner and sure enough in a few minutes the sky will open up and the world will finally be rid of those bible belting Christians. Poverty of course is nothing new and the US has a great experience in fighting it, however, to CNN’s dismay, I’m sure, the world still turn and problems still persist. Read more

The summer before my Senior year I went on a trip to Washington D.C. with one of “those” groups (Presidential Classroom, to be exact).  We spent the entire time in Washington attending various gigs around town, exploring the sites, meeting with Congress people, and having town hall-like meetings with important people in and out of the Administration (trust me it’s not as exciting as it sounds).

On one occasion the Secretary Transportation Norman Mineta, now retired, graced us with his presence.  He talked about, among other things, where he was and what he did on 9/11.  After his brief yap we were allowed to ask questions.

Being that I was, at the time, extremely interested in becoming an Aerospace Engineering, I thought it would be neat to ask the Sec. Tran. a question.  My first question regarded how the Dep. of Transportation and the FAA were working with civilian organization trying to attain access to space.  My backup question was, “What steps are the Department of Transportation and FAA taking to promote the advancement of America’s airway system?  Including the fostering of new technologies to promote new aircraft that would replace the current aging fleet of aircraft operated by American air carriers.” Read more

I always loved watching the Greatest Military Blunders show on the History Channel, back in the day.  Even though I may have been 16; the show, as far as I was concerned, allowed me to analyze and expand my reasoning skills by learning how and why the leaders of the past made decisions, their decision’s outcome, and what could of been done differently in order to achieve success.  Sometimes this methodology of analysis had to be adverted when it came to the Enemy’s misfortunes during the wars of past.  Those misfortunes were analyzed not only on understanding what went wrong, but seeing how (if at all) the blunder was taken advantage of by the forces of general good.

In comes the Greatest Military Blunder of the 21st Century. An assessment of which is brought to you by the RAND Corporation, commissioned by the Army, and published and secretivly covered up by the Army in 2005Read more

In America, everybody needs gas. Around the world humans pay a higher price for gas then Americans, so there’s no surprise that the Europeans, who pay the highest, aren’t very sympathetic to our plight here in the States. But the fact is, the geographical and societal dynamics are hugely different, there can be no comparison between the needs of the Europeans and us Americans.

Some would argue that it should be America’s goal to decrease it’s needs and therein the prices won’t hurt the pockets as much. This is a good long term goal, however it may be achieved, but solutions need to be found in the short term, because in the short term gas prices are rising quicker then the citizen’s finance’s will allow. They, rightly so, may not be able to afford a car that has above 50 mpg when ever such inventions come to fruition in the future, and by no means of sanity will a citizen move closer to their place of work, which, with the current market, may not be a choice for the majority. No, solutions need to be found to alleviate the problem in the short term. Read more


I think what we are seeing in the economy today is a case of localized depressions, whilst keeping in mind a depression is severe recession.  There are many factors that influence the entire economy on a whole like higher prices on staple items of the American household, of which are felt by all Americans, but there are localized factors that specifically effect a community or neighborhood whose residents are tied together by either their personal wealth or ‘area of work,’ and these localized factors expound the problems of said localities.

On a whole Americans may, in the interim at least, be able to deal with the increased economic hardships but if one were to look specifically community by community they would see a great difference in each communities ability to deal with those economic hardships.  Read more

I’m working as the educational consultant and often my friends ask me about MBA vs online MBA, I thought it’s a good topic for a blog so here it’s what i think.

Here are 8 good reasons to obtain your MBA diploma online:

1. Stay on the job
If you are earning your MBA online you will be able to keep on working and keep your income. You won’t have to leave your current position for two years and miss out on learning experience and pay. Additionally you will be able to put into practice immediately the things you have learned.

2. You can stay where you live
You don’t need to relocate to obtain your MBA degree at the school of your choice. This will save you from the hassle and cost of moving.

3. Be more flexible
An online MBA program is more flexible than traditional programs. Most online MBA programs are using asynchronous technology that allows you to study when and where you want. You can follow synchronous elements like videoconferencing from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. Read more